Expert Big Data Solutions to Deliver Actionable Insights

impelsoft designs & develops automated systems for massive scale data analytics. Leveraging advanced Big Data Technologies, we convert complex, large scale, disparate data sets into predictive reports and visualizations.

We ensure efficient read-write in-memory solutions by quickly processing relational and non-relational databases. To get the nerve of the market, we offer social media sentiment analysis so that business can convert leads into customers.

Big Data Management

Model Risk Management

Data Strategy & Architecture

Information Visualization

Data Lifecycle Management

Advanced Predictive Analysis

Big Data Technologies We Have Expertise On!

Apache Solr

This incredibly versatile, scalable technology offers quickest data processing and analysis

Apache Cassandra

Finest noSQL alternative that is famous for fault tolerance and data replication

Apache Spark

The DAG execution engine makes Spark the fastest in cyclic data flow and in-memory computing

Apache Hadoop

Open source framework, ideal for failure proof data management at the application layer

Big Data Processing



Competitive Edge

Predictive analysis transforms into quick decision making which gives business a competitive edge

Streamlines process

Storage and infrastructure management gets streamlined through cloud based analytics

Performance Boost

With Big Data, processes become 3x faster than the traditional methods

Cost Effective

Hadoop clusters need only 25% of resources, making things quite affordable

Quick Decision Making

Visualization and predictive analysis is the key to faster decision making

Generating new products and services

Market insights pave way to the development of augmented products and enhanced services


Hyperscale server architecture and minimal infrastructure reduces carbon footprint by four times


Visualization helps in creating innovative solutions for the business


Get ready to convert data into Innovative Business Opportunities

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