Our Apache SOLR solutions are designed and developed to solve your business needs. We strive to work in sync with your business and technology teams to carry out important tasks of requirement analysis, design, best practices recommendations, performance tuning and rollout and implementation of your search project using Solr and other technologies related to it.

Our Apache Solr Services

Our team of Apache Solr experts is power up your enterprise search with efficient and flexible features of Solr. We provide integration and customizations services specifically to e-commerce websites, content based websites and enterprise level content management systems. We also have an expertise in developing new websites that integrates Solr content architecture. Our turnkey solutions ensure optimized and relevant search performance.

Consulting for Solr Architectural Design

Custom CMS Integration

Solr Installation & Configuration

Disaster Recovery and Replication

Solr Performance Tuning, Load Balancing and Load Testing

Solr Plugin Developmen