IOT is the Latest Fad!

The world would be totally connected with anything and everything, including people, with the incredibly technical IOT (Internet of Things) solutions. It’s not just about infrastructure but about forming a nexus of things that communicate at different levels. The aim is to facilitate communication between alarms and kettles, cars and people, computers and bikes… basically, everything!

When developed for various domains like healthcare, smart energy devices, enterprises and more, the IOT solutions would simply revolutionize the way we work and interact so as to result in quick decision making and enhanced productivity. It will expand your world to devices, people and things and ashrink to just an automated command.

That’s just unbelievable and we will make it real for you!

Our IOT Service Offerings

IoT Consulting & Solution Development
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Design & Solution Engineering
  • Platform Identification & Evaluation
  • Solution Architecture
IoT Deployment & Implementation
  • Application Development
  • Mobile Development
  • System Integration to CRM, ERP and other Applications
  • Censor Data Analytics
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Testing & Verification
IoT Management
  • Ongoing Application Management
  • Support and Enhancements
  • Big Data Services
  • Managed Services
  • Cloud enablement
  • Amplification of sensor data

Ready to Go IOT Solutions

Smart Watch Solutions

Smart Watches are not new to anyone. Being launched by Apple and quickly followed by Android, these gadgets are really intelligent fashion.

Farmbots Solutions

An IOT solution that facilitates farmers to take calculated yet quick decisions for higher yield, resource allocation, minimizing wastage and on time results.

iBeacon Solutios

impelsoft offers you effective IOT solutions with beacon technology. We offer you software solutions that will change the way things work.

Home Automation

We create IOT solutions that regulates your home. Our home automation system would help you keep an eye on the thermostat, security camera etc.

Industry Benefits

Automotive & Transformation :

  • Real-time driving behavior
  • Traffic & vehicle diagnostics
  • Enabling improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased safety & reduced pollution
  • Additional Revenue streams

Infrastructure :

  • By Smart lighting, water, power, fire, cooling, alarms & structural health systems, get environmental benefits
  • Better utilization of resource
  • Preventive maintenance of critical systems
  • Increased safety & reduced pollution
  • Significant cost savings

Retail :

  • Stock-out prevention through connected and intelligent supply chains
  • Use data from social media, video surveillance cameras, internet & mobile device usage
  • Enabling improved customer satisfaction

Oil and Gas :

  • Increase data capture and analysis
  • Boost crude output
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Enhanced flow of information

Healthcare :

  • Remote monitoring of staff and patients
  • Locate and identify status of equipment
  • Enable improved employee productivity & resource usage
  • Outcomes that result in efficiency gains and cost savings

Manufacturing :

  • Quick response to fluctuations in demand
  • Maximized operational efficiency
  • Safety and reliability using smart sensors and digital control systems
  • Enhanced agility and flexibility
  • Reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint

Why Choose impelsoft for IOT Solution

  • Ace technicians that master IOT Solutions Development
  • Resources that leave no Communication Gap
  • Timely Delivery of Product
  • Competitive Pricing

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